Facebook: Reducing footprint / maintaining voice

Today is August 3rd. If you’ve been reading, you’ve just experienced a couple’s first meeting, the acquisition of a Porsche, and a bit of art. (Read it, here.)

We’re been focusing on how to provide the best experience for this across multiple channels and have been focused particularly on tweaking the facebook experience.

August 1 was like this:

A series of posts flooding into anyone’s FB feed that liked ’29 Days of August’. Cool, but a little spammy.

We changed the format to be a single post, with the content in-line as comments.

August 2 was like this:

It’s resulted in a hit on our impression #s with Facebook, but we believe that those who are seeing the posts are actually reading them (as opposed to scanning over).

Let us know if you think this is an improved reading experience.


Facebook & Sort Order

If, by chance, you read 29 Days of August in a web browser on Facebook, make sure your sort order is set to “Most Recent”. Makes for better reading. Like this: